Ramon in September was 19 months old. He is a primordial dwarf.  In October he now weighs 9.66 lbs and is 28 inches tall.  Pray for Ramon and his mom.  He is one of God's special little people.  Ramon is now 8 yrs old and 17 lbs. 
Nayeli Cristina at 9 1/2 yrs old.  She had surgery to replace her jaw in May of 201 in Leon by MPO group from California.  She is now a happy growing child without cancer. Praise God.   before and now
Magaly at age 8 with infection to the bone. Now 18 yrs old and healthy. 
Mario age 3, Oct 2007 had surgery to remove a tumor from his liver. Now 13 yrs old and healthy. 
Samuel born with a 
Malformation of the arteries
Child foundation in miami 
before and now. 
Maria Jose in 2012  needed help for an antibiotic for an infection that the family just couldnt afford.  We asked for help and a wonderful doctor named William Black provided the funds to help her overcome a bacteria that could have killed her. Gods plans are always the best plan.
Greffin severe malnutrition age 2
 Dec 2011, Easter 2012 and Oct. 2016
Yomari born 26 August 2013 with bilateral cleft lip and palate, hole in her heart and without the auditory nerve and balance nerve. She is quite active and can signal more than 250 words. 
Morena was helped  through the Child foundation
in miami. Another changed life. 
Tania came to us at age 6 months. She had cleft lip and palate and a heart problem. Beautiful little girl.  Sam and Leanne West was able to help her through where Sam worked. She came to the US in Dec 2017, had heart surgery Feb 2018, Repaired her lip in August 2018 and her palate Jan 4th 2019. She is headed back to Nicaragua January 28th. 
Josue came to us a year and half ago. He was severe mal nourshed and cleft lip and palate and unable to walk on his own.  As of today his lip is fixed and no more malnutrition and he is walking by himself. He is truly a God miracle.