Nicaragua Children 
Ninos de Nicaragua

needing help not available in their country. 
Heart surgery needed
CIV grande and dextrocardia
Yuneyssi Victoria
B/D 27 Dec. 2012

Heart surgery needed
Transposition Great Arteries
Natasha Ann 
26 August 2013
TGA Imperferated anus, colostomy, cleft lip and palate.
Heart Surgery needed
Evert Omar

​6 July 2009

We have portable Oxygen concentrators for the children to use on the plane. 
Carlos Marcelo
6 months old
23 months old
TGA needs 
Cath and Glenn 

3 months old
Persistent Truncus ateriosus

Hearts needing a miracle!
Many children are born with CHD congenital heart defects and in countries were medical intervention is limited like Nicaragua many children go without their hope of heart surgery. Yuneyssi, Natasha, Brennan, Carlos Marcelo, Omar and Emmanuel are just a few. 
We are looking for 300 churches or individual willing to help with $100.00 per child. Health City in the Cayman Islands are willing to help for a fraction of the cost here in the USA. These children are not a candidates for other organizations because of their defect. 
Please consider being a part of an awesome miracle. Helping a child receive their miracles is one of the best opportunity to be the hands of Jesus. If you are willing to be a part you can send funds to Jesus Centered Ministries PO Box 7111, Knoxville. Tn 37921 memo hearts or click this link to paypal *            *